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Alcohol and Pills

"Alcohol and Pills: How much is too much? "
copyright 2011, all rights reserved

by Toby Rice Drews
author of the "Getting Them Sober" books

a. As oldtimers in A.A. --- and alcoholism-treatment professionals-- say ---

"it's not how much you ingest.... it's not how often you ingest--- It's WHETHER you ingest--- that keeps the disease of alcoholism//addiction ACTIVE---and progressing forward". (It's a progressive and fatal disease).

b. alcohol//pot// prescription painkillers// sleeping pills // contac cold medicine ----- all are sedative drugs (have that effect on alcoholics) --- whether wet or dry, it does not matter.

They are all cross-addictive with each other.

They all keep the addiction going.

If an alcoholic//addict is going to A.A. and is in the first year of meetings---and is still, off and on, taking any of these-------- he is NOT SOBER NOR IS HE DRY.

c. *** We are not talking about when he needs to be put to sleep during surgery or painkillers for the immediate week or so, right afterwards. We are talking about regular, or off and on, sedatives THAT HE AND WE KNOW ARE TOTAL BALONEY REASONS TO TAKE.

d. 'Dry' means he is not taking any of this stuff, but that he is not 'acting right'.

Totally dry---not off and on with other sedatives, like pot, painkillers, etc.

e. Families often revert to wanting to say he is 'dry' or 'sober' when he has 'stopped' one of the sedative drugs, like alcohol.

That is just out-and-out denial and minimizing.

And very dangerous to OUR mental health.

It leads us to make choices and decisions that only lead back to US getting blamed.

How so?

If he is still active in his addiction, then we say 'oh he is doing so well'.

Then, given time, he will act out again ..and we will wonder "Why is he doing this??"

If we don't try to REALLY internalize the fact that sober is sober....and that not-sober is not-sober---------- then we continue to fall for lies.

And when we fall for the big lie that he is sober----when he is not sober--- then we will continue to ask ourselves Why Why Why does he do xxxx and yyyy ?

When all it is is the active addiction 'talking' and 'acting'.

**** There does not have to be "wondering" . We can tell ourselves the TRUTH about alcoholism//addiction---------and SEE the fact that the addiction is lying--------AND THAT OF COURSE HE IS TRYING TO CONVINCE US THAT HE IS SOBER!-----that is part of the lying!

*** For---if we continue to deny to ourselves and others----and say that he is sober when he is not sober----- then we must question Why we are so upset---- and if HE is sober and ok----- then it 'must be us' who is wrong.

Leads right back to 'something is wrong with us that we are so picky'.

f. As we say in the addiction field, When is an active alcoholic lying? When his lips are moving.

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