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Alcohol Relapse

"Alcohol Relapse: Blaming the Families AGAIN!"
copyright 2011, all rights reserved

by Toby Rice Drews
author of the "Getting Them Sober" books

This is a wonderful parody on the awful typical 'junk' going on out there today-------whereas families of alcoholics are being called 'triggers' by the alcoholic's counselors---- implying that the family 'makes the alcoholic so stressed that he drinks'.

NO ONE can make someone into an alcoholic. It's a genetic disease. This is a wonderful parody, written by Penelope, on all that junk going on in many therapists' offices.

now------- Here's Penelope's story of Walter!!------

My dog "Walter" keeps hitting the toilet bowl. I can't stop him. If he sees the bathroom door open he goes and drinks from the toilet bowl. He just can't resist. If I leave the door open---- nothing can stop him He just goes straight to that bowl. I have yelled, shamed, made him go outside etc---nothing does any good!!!!!! After I am good and mad he tries to kiss me and apologize (like it will never happen again). I am then slimed with toilet water on my face kiss from Walter. I forgive Walter but he goes and does it again. He just has a need to drink toilet bowl water. Walter tells me that it is MY fault because I forget to close the bathroom door. He is just too weak to stay away.

Also, now it is not only the door, that I leave open that is my fault.

The other day, I left toilet paper on the counter. He saw it and then he "had to drink toilet water" because toilet paper was a "trigger".

NOW, Walter is telling me that ANY paper product is a trigger.

Napkins, paper towels, etc.

Now even POST IT notes have become a trigger.

I just can't win. It's all my fault. Oh and get this---- now I am an "enabler" because I am nice and take him for walks and he gets "thirsty". His thirst on the walks reminds him of toilet bowl water. Doesn't matter that he has nice bacteria free water and plenty of it in a bowl both in the house and outside.

Walter now says, that even though I love him --- he is going to have to leave because he can't stay off the toilet water at home. The entire home, myself, and the kids have now become triggers. He thinks he will find a nice new owner who will understand and not be a trigger.

This he says to the person (me!) who has fed and taken care of him and takes him to the groomer etc etc......... While he gets to sit around unemployed all day and never lifts a finger to help out. He does bark once in awhile for protection but believe me it is not an equal partnership. After all I have done and now Walter wants to leave me.

I tell Walter "Nothing makes you drink from a toilet bowl. Toilet water is everywhere. You have to make a decision to not drink it. You bend your paw----I don't make you do it".

Go ahead Walter and find a new home.

You will do the same craziness there.

There will be a toilet bowl there.

The new owner will not like it anymore than I do.

Oh sure---you can sneak your drinks from the water for awhile but soon they will realize what the water is on your chin and not appreciate those type of "kisses".

Yeah -------now the dog trainer is blaming me too!!!!

She is saying that I have been too nice to Walter and she is colluding with him that I am a "trigger' and an enabler!.

She agrees with Walter that he has to leave me.

What if Walter would get off the stuff and we could be a happy family??? She says that there is NO WAY Walter can stay off the Toilet Bowl water at home.

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