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Alcoholism and Drugs

"Alcoholism and Drugs, taking both causes cross-addiction. "
copyright 2011, all rights reserved

by Toby Rice Drews
author of the "Getting Them Sober" books

Popularly speaking, drugs fall into two categories----the uppers and the downers. The downers are the sedative drugs, and they include (but are not limited to) alcohol, sleeping pills, painkillers, tranquilizers, benadryl, and marijuana.

When a person is already an alcoholic -- if that person starts taking any of the other sedative drugs -- "cross addiction" (an automatic addiction to whatever other sedative drugs one takes) usually begins.

1. What are the two results of this "cross addiction"?

a.) the alcoholic is thrown into a later stage of the alcoholism than he/she would have been, had "just" alcohol been involved

b.) a synergistic ("multiplier") effect happens. As an example----if an alcoholic has one "joint" of marijuana plus one beer------the effect on his/her body/brain is NOT one-plus-one-------but the effect is as if the person had TEN beers.

2. There are usually exceptions to this process-----

a.) during and immediately after surgery, a person often needs to have sedative drugs for a very short time (when one is careful about one's recovery, the usage is monitored and detox can be necessary afterwards)

b.) some alcoholics also have serious life-threatening disorders/diseases, and need to take sedative drugs in order to survive (somehow, for many of them, God does hold them and take care of them so that the alcoholism is not progressed because of it)

c.) when an an alcoholic is going through hospital detox, in order to prevent the D.T.'s, librium is usually given for a few days.

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