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Alcoholism Recovery

"Alcoholism Recovery, Getting Rid of Resentments!"
copyright 2011, all rights reserved

by Toby Rice Drews
author of the "Getting Them Sober" books

In thinking about the A.A. adage, "Resentments kill", I am taken back about 20 years ago, when I read a wonderfully healing book called "Getting Well Again", for cancer patients and their therapists. (Written by a couple..... one of whom is a radiology oncologist and the other is a psychotherapist.)

In that book, the authors described how they designed a revolutionary program for terminally-ill patients that produced a more than 40% full-recovery or at least very good remission. (This statistic evolved from their treating terminally-ill patients sent to them by hospitals from around the country). These days, their book and methodology is considered to be by many, mainstream treatment..... but most people only know about one of their two essential main parts of the program.

Most people know about the visualization part, where patients visualize themselves well, three times a day. The second part of the recovery program involves getting rid of resentments.

In the book, they described a patient with breast cancer who lived with a verbally-abusive mother. This patient could not find the strength, the money, or whatever, to leave and live elsewhere. So, the therapy group helped her find a way (detachment) to get emotional distance from her mother's tirades. She was successful and her cancer shrunk down to nothing.

I think, now, about that book and about the healing power of getting rid of resentments...... and it tells me, once again, about the prophetic power of the content in the A.A. Big Book written over 60 years ago. How blessed we are, in all the 12-Step programs.

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