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Child Abuse and Alcohol

"Child Abuse and Alcohol: May be different than you'd expect. "
copyright 2011, all rights reserved

by Toby Rice Drews
author of the "Getting Them Sober" books

Most States have anonymous 'tip' phone lines, where one can call Social Services//protective services for child abuse // elder abuse // etc.

One can call Social Services for that 'anonymous tip' phone number in one's area.

The laws in each State are very different, but here are some things that have been told to me over the years, from protective-services staff all over the country---------

They investigate but do not report back to people who give them tips. There are privacy rules that do not allow that.

Also, I have been told that some States//municipalities act much faster than others.

For instance, over the years, social workers with protective services, in various States, related to me that the number of reports were so huge in large cities, that in many cases, it just established a "paper trail". Thereafter, it was a matter of "triage-like" (worst cases first) investigation and action.

It was also related to me that in quite a few areas of the country, especially in large cities, where there are thousands of cases of abuse reported on a regular basis, children were usually not taken from their homes even if mothers were 'doing crack' long as the children were 'cared for'------- i.e., fed on a regular basis, attending school, wearing appropriate clothing to keep warm (winter coats), and there were no signs of being physically hurt (of course, physicians are always brought in to examine the child..... and a team of clinicians determines the cause of the physical problem after hearing the doctor's report and visiting the home, etc.)

If it is determined that it is unsafe for the child to stay in his/her home while investigation is being done, the child is often then removed from the home temporarily, and sent to a temporary foster home or to a home of a relative of the child--- who is first investigated to see if that is safe for the child to be there.

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