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1. Larry Gatlin spoke about his denial. Have you experienced denial, or minimizing, around your own or others' addiction? Has your family been in denial or minimized the alcoholism and/or other-drug problems in the family?
2. If you are a healthcare professional/teacher/clergyperson -- have you experienced denial in yourself when you saw alcoholism and/or other-drug abuse in colleagues or someone you were helping?
3. When Ron Shapiro spoke about his fears when he did interventions with famous clients -- and when the family group on the video talked then, also, about their fears about talking about addiction in the family -- did you identify with those fears about talking about alcoholism and/or other drugs with your family? Was it due to fear of that person's anger? Was it due to fear of losing that person? Fear they'd leave or pull away from you, emotionally?
4. If you are a healthcare or other professional who encounters addiction in patients or clients, do any of the following fears ring true: fear of losing income if that person "stormed out angrily" (or just quietly never returned) if you brought up the subject of possible or probable addiction? fear of peers or others saying that "you've become the type of person who is always talking about alcoholism in everyone"? (even if you realize that the scoffers are often your colleagues whose drinking stands out, on the occasions you've gotten together?).
5. If you are an adult child of an alcoholic, are you aware that unless we have received specific treatment for our patterns of family-of-origin-alcoholism, we carry denial, perfectionism, and shame into our adult relationships at home and work?
6. Do any of the following sentences ring true: "I'm past all that stuff. I grew up with an alcoholic parent, and I don't need any help now. I'm a big achiever; I go to church; I don't drink or drug. I don't have any patterns in me from an alcoholic family that I can't deal with myself. Yes, it is true, I'll admit, that I am a perfectionist; a workaholic; maybe I have a lot of held-in anger; I find myself emotionally swinging a lot with people: going from liking somebody or feeling sorry for them, and wanting to rescue them, and then being angry with them when they don't act right -- wanting to rescue them and wanting to punish them a bit------- But what in the world does this have to do with my childhood growing up with an alcoholic parent?" "Yes, my dad/mom was alcoholic, probably; and yes, I married an alcoholic; but I'll not do THAT again!" If any of these sentences ring a bell, are you willing to try 6 or 8 free meetings to see if any of these groups might help heal your life now? Call the information operator in your town, or see the Yellow Pages and call for help: Al-Anon (for families of alcoholics, even if you don't live there anymore); Al-Ateen (for your children who grew up with an alcoholic or other-drug-addicted parent). And if you think you MIGHT have a problem with drinking, call Alcoholics Anonymous to find out. These programs are all free-of-charge.
7. Please email us with feedback about how you have used this video; how the video and the discussion questions have worked for you and others. If you have made copies of the video and given it out (and we hope you have and will continue to do so!!) -- what kinds of groups/ persons you have given it out to; and any other feedback that will help us to further be of service. When you send us this feedback, please also tell us anything that would help us to know better about how our outreach is doing, and how we may further refine and expand our outreach with this video and future ones we plan to do. To give us your feedback, please click on this email address: