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Enabling Alcoholic

"Enabling Alcoholic, Maybe used as an excuse to continue drinking "
copyright 2011, all rights reserved

by Toby Rice Drews
author of the "Getting Them Sober" books

The term "enabler" implies that while the family did not cause the drinking, their rescue operations contributed to the perpetuation of the drinking.

Such thinking is dangerous; it leads alcoholics, who are ALREADY looking for a way to blame others for the drinking, into again placing responsibility for the drinking on the family.

Alcoholics do not need any encouragement to blame others! Alcoholism counselors spend most of their time with patients--trying to crack through the blame-systems of alcoholics.

It is considered to be a major breakthrough in the healing process of alcoholics when they begin to acknowledge THAT NOTHING "GOT THEM DRUNK".

In contrast, alcoholics who have had relapses, and are re-entering treatment--- are now often heard saying, "I wouldn't have gone out that time if I hadn't been enabled!"


When alcoholics hear this from counselors, and if they STILL hold on to wanting to call their families 'enablers'---it shows that they have not dropped that blame.......AND it shows that, underneath the conscious level, they still believe that "something CAN get them drunk".

Which indicates a very very dangerous "reservation" about how they think about drinking again.

The A.A. oldtimers tell the newcomers---

a. get rid of your reservations about drinking again

b. internalize the fact that nothing can get you drunk... nothing "triggers you to drink"... and if terrible things happen, you say to yourself,

"Don't drink if your as* falls off---and if it falls off, put it in a basket ---and take it to a meeting."


If you keep thinking that "her enabling" got you drunk... or 'made it harder for you to get sober'.... it would be a very good idea to ask yourself lots of questions about what you think might "get you drunk"---again.

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