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Families for Recovery Foundation
also doing business as
The Getting Them Sober Foundation
a 501(c)(3) non-profit

The Foundation needs volunteers to work in their local cities, to do fundraising activities, such as holding art shows, concerts with local musicians, having big yard sales, silent auctions.... etc. etc. We are working hard to try to make a yearly budget to produce more tv shows/videos to help families of alcoholics. Many nursing schools; and recovering people; and people in shelters and in indigent areas are being helped by us, but we need people all over to volunteer to hold annual fundraising events (large OR small) to help raise the funds needed. If you are interested in talking about this, please call Toby Rice Drews in Baltimore, at: (410) 243-8352. Please help!

46% of American families have alcoholism. The Getting Them Sober Foundation's mission is to produce and distribute FREE television programs guiding these families to immediate local help; and to produce and distribute FREE video versions for graduate and professional schools in nursing, medicine, law, and social work -- to teach helping professionals effective methods to aid these families. We will also create and distribute free Spanish versions of these shows for Hispanic communities.

The programs will show the true nature of the crazy-making that happens in alcoholic families -- crazy-making that the rest of the world does not see or understand -- and will provide practical solutions and immediate help for these families. (Of course, no 12-Step tradition will be violated. Anonymity will be respected.)

The Foundation needs your help! We need contributions to help us spread our message. Just think -- more than 100 MILLION AMERICANS need the knowledge this Foundation can provide. Battered children and battered wives, anyone living with the craziness and emotional hurts of family alcoholism, those who have lost their homes because of a partner's untreated addiction to alcohol -- millions suffering daily torments are desperate for help, yet few know where to turn.

The Getting Them Sober Foundation has answers for these sufferers. Your contribution -- whether it is $25 or $25,000 -- will greatly help these families. They need not stay stuck feeling helpless and hopeless. Through the Foundation's programs, men, women, and children everywhere can discover the help available right at home in their own areas, and lives can be turned around and families made whole. PLEASE HELP NOW.


If your company or family or foundation is interested in sponsoring our tv shows, please note that your public-relations message will be seen on television not only for one year, but also in re-runs for many years -- and, your message will also be highlighted in the spinoff training videos that will be shown over and over, for years -- nationwide -- in hundreds of graduate and professional schools. All for one amazingly reasonable fee to cover our very modest production costs!

For information, please email Toby Rice Drews at or call her at (410) 243-8352.


1. By credit card, please call 1-800-431-1579, 9:00 am-5:00 pm, M-F EST, and ask for Diane Musto.

2. To send a check, please make it out to the Getting Them Sober Foundation and mail to:

Getting Them Sober Foundation
PO Box 50128
Baltimore, MD 21211

3. To make any non-cash donation including real estate and stock, or to plan a gift through your estate, please call Toby Drews at 410-243-8352.

If you teach nurses, law students, med students, social workers, or if you are an educator in any of the helping professions -- in educational settings or nonprofit communities -- OR IF YOU ARE A PERSON IN RECOVERY WHO WISHES TO SHOW THESE VIDEOS TO YOUR CHURCH OR COMMUNITY GROUP -- you may obtain these videos free of charge (we also pay all shipping). WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR FREE VIDEO, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MAKE LOTS OF COPIES AND GIVE THEM OUT TO PEOPLE WHO NEED THEM -- AND ASK THEM TO MAKE COPIES AND GIVE THEM OUT TO PEOPLE WHO NEED THEM. Please e-mail your request for your free video with your name, title, mailing AND e-mail address and phone number to:

"DESPERATE NEED: The Foundation needs a company that does video-dubbing to donate videos and dubbing to us, so that we may continue to meet the enormous need for our videos to send out free to health educators. (We will take care of shipping). In return, we offer a tax-deduction AND high-visibility thank-you's on our videos/tv shows AND on our website. If you would consider this, please email Toby at: or call her at 410-243-8352. Thank you."


Please send us your unwanted items that we can sell on the internet auction to get us funds, so we can continue to give out our free videos to help families of alcoholics. We give them out free (we even pay shipping) to shelters, prisons, nonprofits, and helping professionals who need training on what is really happening to families and how to help them. call Toby Rice Drews to talk about what things you might donate and send to us. You would get a tax deduction for the full fair market value. IF YOU HAVE ANY FURNITURE YOU CAN DONATE TO US -- AND YOU LIVE IN THE GENERAL AREA OF GREATER PHILADELPHIA, INCLUDING CHESTER COUNTY, OR IF YOU LIVE IN THE GENERAL BALTIMORE, MARYLAND AREA -- PLEASE EMAIL TOBY AT OR CALL HER AT (410) 243-8352 AND LEAVE A MESSAGE -- AND WE CAN PICK UP THE FURNITURE AT YOUR CONVENIENCE AND GIVE YOU THE RECEIPT FOR YOUR TAX DEDUCTION FOR THE FULL FAIR MARKET VALUE. Also, please see for all the kinds of things we can sell on there. People have donated old medical instruments, old broadway playbills, collectibles from college days; we can sell any antiques/collectibles you don't want but could use the tax deduction, and help families at the same time. Please don't assume that "no one would want that ugly old thing uncle George left to us when he died." Someone would! And we can sell it and use the money to help families. Please call Toby in Baltimore, at (410) 243-8352, leave a message, she'll call you back. Thank you.

Ms. Toby Rice Drews
Ms. Claire Murphy
Ms. Betsy Tice White

Ms. Toby Rice Drews, Information Liaison

Mary Gavin, President - Michigan
Mrs. Ed (Irene) DeBlasio - California
Ms. Toni Griswold - Maryland
David W. Heese, D.D.S. - Maryland
William H. Jarrett II, M.D. - Georgia
Ms. Judith Paletta - New York
Mrs. Mary Jane Smith - Texas
Mrs. Priscilla Lucas Stevens - New York

The Rt. Rev. George E. Bates - Oregon
Episcopal Bishop of Utah, retired
Former Board member, National Episcopal Coalition
on Alcohol and Drugs

Mr. Stanley Fields - Oregon
President, Recovery Road Talk Radio, Inc.

Ms. Genya Hopkins - Maryland
Executive Board member, Chesapeake Planned Giving Council

Ms. Ann Hunter - New York

Ms. Gwen Kellermann-Fisher - North Carolina
Family therapist & author (revised edition),
A Merry-Go-Round Called Denial

Ms. Janee Parnegg - New Mexico
Past President, National Episcopal Coalition on
Alcohol and Drugs

Richard Prodey, M.A. - Maryland
Lecturer & consultant, National Center for Human
Development, Sheppard Pratt Hospital

Howard P. Roffwarg, M.D. - Mississippi
Professor of Psychiatry, School of Medicine,
University of Mississippi

Barbara Shepley, M.S. - Oregon
Former Executive Board member, Alcohol & Drug Counselor
Training Program, Portland Community College

Ms. Kathleen Swords - Maryland
Child Abuse & Neglect Specialist,
Department of Social Services