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" is one of the best websites on... recovery... out of hundreds of websites on that issue on the internet" - America Online (from the Jan/Feb issue of AOL's magazine,

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(Whether you're still with an alcoholic or separated/divorced, or new to family recovery, or an 'oldtimer' in 'the meetings'... or a health professional......... this website will be of great help).

Click here for the bestselling "Getting Them Sober" book, endorsed by 'dear Abby' and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

This site addresses the crazy-making issues and events that happen in tens of millions of alcohol and/or other drug-addicted families every day and every night. As it says in the million-selling book, ''Getting Them Sober '' -----
"While the alcoholic lies passed out, anesthetized, the family goes through the years of his drinking -- stark, raving sober. Their world is like no sane family's world. They believe lies, expect miracles, have him locked up, bail him out, wish he were dead, and pray that he gets home safely. This book is for that family."

This AOL-lauded website tells how to deal EFFECTIVELY with all that crazy-making.

Quickly and easily reach any of this website's sections that address the issues that are going on with your alcoholic, by clicking-on the subject-titles (on the dark-green sidebar down the left side on all the pages on this website).

Sign up for our free weekly email newsletter with only your email address. We respect your privacy and ask no other questions. Get help from many other family members, on the "discussion bulletin board'' here. Buy the bestselling "Getting Them Sober" books (only $9.95 each) that will DEFINITELY help you! (See the section here called "What's in the books?" for a detailed description of the contents of all the books to see which ones are best for your situation). The books are endorsed by 'dear Abby', Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, and Melody Beattie, who wrote Codependent No More--------and who said " 'Getting Them Sober' is the BEST book for the family of the still-drinking alcoholic''.

Get all your questions answered here------- "How to know if he's serious when he says he'll get sober'' ----- "What happens if alcoholics stop going to A.A.?''----- Call Toby Drews (author of the "Getting Them Sober" books) for a telephone consultation (see the section called "long-distance telephone consultations with Toby Drews'')-------- Learn how to handle holidays with an alcoholic----- '' Do women have a different way of manifesting their alcoholism?'' ----- ALL THIS AND MORE HERE.... blessings to all.......

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