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The Spirituality of Relaxation

"The Spirituality of Relaxation"
copyright 1999, all rights reserved

by Toby Rice Drews
author of the "Getting Them Sober" books

"What do you DO when you're not doing anything?" There are people who get a lot of things done, who go out and forge a life. And take a lot of pride in that.

I think a lot of us are like that: who take a lot of pride in being do-ers. And even though our common sense tells us that we need to relax, we need to let go more, and we need to slow down, I think that our knee-jerk reaction is either guilt for when we don't do anything (because we feel like we're not accomplishing anything when we're not doing), or we get to feeling that the more we do, the more we accomplish. And we feel if there's any rest in between (relaxation other than sleeping) that we are wasting time. And even though we instinctively know better, we feel that, since we accomplish so much, if we spend MORE time doing, we'll accomplish even more.

You know, I really do believe that when I let things happen instead of make things happen, that good things happen. I really do know that. When I let things happen, instead of make them happen, good things happen. I was taught that by somebody who really was pretty wise about that kind of thing.

For me, part of my spiritual path is understanding that (should I choose to) I can tap rather easily into the spiritual, larger world, like I believe we all can. The sentence, "I am not God" also means, not only am I not in control; but it also means that I don't have access to the universe's vast options when I'm in control and being very self-directed. Then my options are little, my options are few. But when I am tapping into the larger universe and not seeing myself as the center of it, then I can tap into the whole . . . I can sort of hold hands with the universe and let the options flow in that give me answers that are absolutely incredible and good, that I could never, EVER accomplish by myself.

Over and over I see this. Every time I've had a problem that I could not find an answer to (financial, or work, or something that I'm used to "accomplishing"), and I get to the point of "I don't know what to do," I'm just saying, "I really don't know what to do next." And what's happened is, when I really know, way down deep, that I don't know what to do, then for me it's sort of a giving up, that usually comes out of my mouth by saying "Oh well." And that for me, in that tone, that's sort of like I really do let go of it, at least for a while.

But when I follow it up with knowing there IS an answer somewhere -- and when I really know it -- I get this little smile that just comes out despite me. Because I realize that, at that moment, I am joyously tapping into the universe, and plugging into the universe, and understanding, really knowing, that the good stuff is flowing in from everywhere, God knows where. And that's true: He knows, I don't. And within a short while, without fail, answers come about what to do next, about how to reach people, or accomplish something that I could not have known, because somebody will call from another state who I do not know, and they will have the answer, they will have a solution, they will have something incredible to call about, that is just wonderful.

And when I REMEMBER to just enjoy, because the universe is taking care of the details, I am really so refreshed when I get back to the work stuff, to the "have-to" stuff, that I really do accomplish in less time and at a level much higher. That more than makes up for the time that I've "lost."

So for those of us who, like me, feel the need to do, do, do, these kinds of reminders help me to NOT DO, NOT DO, so that when I do do, I am much more efficient, and I accomplish much more, and it's much better, the results are MUCH better than I could have ever done had I not followed these spiritual laws of relaxation.

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