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Speeding Up Recovery

"Speeding Up Recovery, What can a family do? "
copyright 2011, all rights reserved

by Toby Rice Drews
author of the "Getting Them Sober" books

What is one of the most important things the family can do to speed up their recovery?

Really work on INTERNALIZING how very much the alcoholism colors everything the alcoholic says, thinks, and does.

When we really begin to truly understand that it is the alcoholism that is coming out of his mouth-----

a. we don't wonder so much why he does his junk

b. we don't need to ask so often, if he loves us..........because we begin to really understand how toxic his brain really is.......... that the Executive Decision-Maker part of his brain is pickled and incapable of being anything but the carry-outer of alcoholic decisions and behavior about family, work, and all matters in life

c. we begin to understand the stages of alcoholism--------- we begin to understand that in all but the late stages, there are periodic times of "control" and seeming normalcy........ and we begin to understand that these times, given the progression of this disease, do not last.........and that these times grow less frequent and further apart as long as the alcoholic drinks at all

d. We do not berate ourselves for forgetting all this--------- we do not berate ourselves for forgetting how pervasive this disease is in all aspects of the alcoholic's life.

Because part of this disease is that it continually tells not only the alcoholic------but the family too-------that it is not as bad as it is. This disease tells the family that ------

a. "this CAN'T be all about alcoholism"

b. "maybe the counselor we saw is right-------maybe he'd not drink so much if I communicated more......or smiled more"

-------- Best to all in unravelling the crazymaking and not getting diverted from the focus of REAL recovery from the family disease of alcoholism, Toby

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